MTV Airing Teen Abortion Special

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MTV To Air Abortion Special.

MTV has hit a high point with reality hits such as Jersey Shore and Teen Mom. But now the music television network is bringing viewers a special on teen abortion – an alternative to being a Teen Mom.

The special, No Easy Decision, features Markai from 16 and Pregnant. The teen mom had gotten pregnant a separate time other than the one documented for the reality series.

Markai writes on her Facebook page:

“Its Not A Baby At All Until I Think You 3rd Trimester (I Could Be Mistaken) Its Only A Fetus Which Means Its Only A GROUP OF CELLS TRYING TO FORM INTO SOMEONE. && Its Not Our Right To Judge Wo…men / Girls Who Do Get An Abortion. Thats Like Judging Someone Because There Gay Or Black Or Whatever. Its Not Right For People To Lash Out At Women/ Girls Who Made The Right Decision For Them && Their Family. Point Blank. && Even Though They Have Created SOMETHING That CAN Be The Most Beautiful Thing. SOMETIMES Women/ Girls Aren’t Ready For That Big Of A Responsibilty. NO MATTER IF THEY OPENED THEIR LEGS / PANTS.”

The series has only occasionally dealt with abortion. Here’s what Jenelle from the second season of 16 & Pregnant wrote of her decision to have her baby:

“I chose to keep Jace because it was my responsibility. I was the one who had sex. If I gave him up for adoption, I would have felt selfish because I knew I could have taken care of him. And abortion just sounded so harsh. When my mom found out I was pregnant, she really pushed for me to have an abortion. She tried to explain how hard it was going to be to raise a child. A couple of months later, when it was too late for an abortion, she suggested adoption. Regardless, I stressed to her that neither of those plans were an option for me. (I honestly thought it was going to be a piece of cake taking care of a baby! The reality? It’s like having only 24 hours to swim across the world.)”

Do you think showcasing abortion will be a good or bad thing for MTV?