MTV Producers Are Not Happy Snooki Is Pregnant

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Snooki carries a fake baby.

While Snooki is overjoyed with the news that she’s expecting a baby boy with fiance Jionni LaValle, it seems that MTV producers may not be the biggest fans of her pregnancy.

With plans to have Snooki live in a separate residence from the main Jersey Shore house on the upcoming sixth season, producers fear that this scenario will not make good television.

A source with New York Daily News told Hollywoodlife that Snooki “is becoming costly and stressful for the show, but the show isn’t sure it can afford to lose her.”

While Snooki is concerned about having a baby in the house saying, “with all the bacteria and everyone in the smoosh room, it’s just now where a pregnant person or a baby should be,” producers would much rather have her there to add more drama to the mix.

What do you think? Should Snooki have to live in the main house or can the show do without her?

[Photo via Pacific Coast News.]