Muddled Mom-to-Be! Jenna von Oy Blogs About "Baby Brain"

"Baby brain" leaves Jenna at " 'sixes' and sevens."

Sure, kids play with your minds often enough when they’re growing up. But any mom can tell you that children do things to your brain long before they’re born. I can’t count the number of times I’d waddle into the kitchen with my oversized belly and suddenly realize, I have no idea why I came in here.

Jenna von Oy – yep, the one-time Six of Blossom fame – blogs about the phenomenon on People this week. She’s expecting a girl in June, and “baby brain” has hit her big time.

“I ponder where all my brain cells have ventured off to…did they wind up in a secret pile with all of the socks that go missing from our dryer?” she muses. “Am I leaving a trail behind me like Hansel and Gretel with their breadcrumbs? And, more importantly, will I ever get them back?”

For a self-described Type A/control freak, these lapses are nothing short of infuriating. But Jenna takes comfort in knowing that other women experience the same preggy-brain weirdness. Here are some sample anecdotes she collected from friends:

– Just weeks from giving birth, Katie let her dog outside, then got busy making cookies and reading to her toddler. Half an hour later, a neighbor called to say that the dog was at their house waiting to be let in.

– Rushing to get to a doctor’s appointment, Lila couldn’t find her keys anywhere. She finally had to grab her spare set. That night, she found the missing keys…in the vegetable crisper of the fridge.

– Jenna herself was rushing to wrap her husband’s Christmas gifts before he came home. She ran into her office, grabbed her stapler, went back to the dining room – and couldn’t remember why she’d taken the stapler. Finally, it dawned on her that she’d meant to fetch Scotch tape.

Too funny – and far too real! But, as Jenna points out, “In exchange, I get a beautiful baby girl who will someday, no doubt, remind me to turn off the oven after I finish cooking, and put the stamp on the envelope BEFORE I mail the letter!”

How about sharing your own baby-brain lapses with us, Famecrawler Fans?

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