My 6-Year-Old Chimes in on the Crazy Life of Suri Cruise

Earlier today I was at playdate with a school pal of my daughter’s and her mom. For some reason Suri Cruise came up, probably in context of what I had been writing about today and it’s always amusing to others that a grown-ass woman is in the business of penning posts about a child who is just famous for being famous. And to be honest, people are always amused about what I do for a living.  While we were chit- chatting about Suri, my 6-year-old daughter overheard our mom-to-mom chat and the following conversation ensued:

Her: What’s a zuri?
Me: It’s not a what, it’s a who.
Her: Well, who is Zuri?
Me: It’s Suri.
Her: Suri? That’s a weird name. Who is that?
Me: She’s a famous little girl who just turned six today.
Her: Why is she famous?
Me: Well, her parents are famous.
Her: Why?
Me: They are movie stars.
Her: Oh. But then why is she famous?
Me: She’s famous for being their kid.
Her: Really? That’s weird.
Me: Yes, yes it is.

Later on, we returned home and I did what I often do upon return — I checked our photo agency photos to see if anything earth-shaking had happened (like a photo of Jessica Simpson’s water breaking or Brad and Angelina dining on Double Doubles, animal style). In the new collection of photos, I saw new set of Zuri Suri going to the local American Girl Store.  I was interested to see what my little girl thought of this little girl, who was the same age, but lives such a different life.

So I showed her this photo:

I explained that it was Suri’s 6th birthday so her mommy was taking her to the American Girl store and that when she goes out all these photographer line up to try take her photograph.

Me: What you think of this photo?
Her: It makes me sad.

Me: If you were her, how would you feel?
Her: It would be really weird. I would be really scared. I would be scared and I’d be holding Beary (her beloved teddy bear) really tight. And you. I’d hold on to you tight too.

Me: What would you think if all these people screaming your name?
Her: I wouldn’t like it. If someone was trying to tell me something, that would be okay.

Me: But what if they were strangers?
Her: I wouldn’t like it. I wouldn’t like it at all.

Me: If you were her, what would you do to protect yourself?
Her: I would carry a blanket and a bear too and some snacks.
And I wouldn’t talk at all.

Me: Why wouldn’t you talk?
Her: People would hear me and they already see me.

Me: Would you want to be rich and famous like that, if you could have all the toys and dresses you’d like?
Her: That part I would want to do. But the other parts…no. You know, she should just stay home instead of going out.

Me: But then you’d be trapped in your house.
Her: Well, when I wanted to, I’d go out. Maybe she could get a disguise, she could be a little yellow-haired girl. Then, no one would notice her and run up to her. Cos’ that… that is so scary.

Yes, yes it is.

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