My Chemical Romance Singer Excited By Bandit's 1st Christmas


gerard-way-comiconGerard Way – the lead singer of My Chemical Romance – got really into his daughter Bandit’s first Christmas. He recently said in an interview with Spin that, “It is a really big deal…It’s very exciting — even though no matter what we get her she’s not really going to realize what it is.” No telling if they followed through but he said that… “We still want to get a really lousy Sears picture of her so we’re gonna try to do that next week…[one with] a really sh-tty paper backdrop.”

But did he have time? He’s been busy with the production of the band’s new album – which is due out this spring. Way said that making this new album was “more challenging than the baby…and the baby was really challenging.” He was “really worn out” adding that “I didn’t shave for weeks, looked horrible, and ended up getting all these dreadlocks in my hair. I was never showering. I would show up in a t-shirt covered in baby puke — you can pretty much picture the glamorous nature of that.”

After working in the studio Way would “rush right home” to help out with the baby. “It made the recording process take a little bit longer, but it made the process more enjoyable,” he says. “I don’t think there was a single night where I was in the studio past like 10 or 11 — I genuinely wanted to get home.”


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