'My Girl' Star Anna Chlumsky - Where Is She Now?

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Anna Chlumsky Returns To Acting

Almost 20 years ago, Anna Chlumsky grabbed the hearts of millions in what is now known as a classic, My Girl. The child actress went on to star in several more films including a follow-up My Girl 2 before taking a short break from acting for almost a decade. Now, Vada Sultenfuss is back in the spotlight as FOX is releasing a made for TV movie, 12 Men of Christmas due Nov. 23. But, where is she now?

Chlumsky never intended for acting to be her life-long career. In fact, as she got older roles became more scarce and she moved away from acting. She attended the University of Chicago where she pursued international studies and became a fact-checker for Zagat Survey. She then served as an editorial assistant for HarperCollins science fiction-fantasy imprint. But, this did not satisfy her and she has now returned to acting. Chlumsky now says acting is her life-long career. Funny how feelings chance once you become an adult.

Could there be a My Girl 3 in the works? Would you be interested in seeing it?