My Life As Liz Season 2: Looking for More Liz? Season 2 Is On The Way!

my life as liz season 2
When will MTV air My Life as Liz Season 2?

MTV ran a marathon of the first season of My Life as Liz today without addressing the one question that every Liz fan wants to know.  When will My Life as Liz Season 2 hit the airwaves?

While there have been promises of a second season in Fall 2010 which was pushed out to 2011, there was still no official announcement from the network on when dedicated fans of the series can expect to see some all new episodes until the very last minute of the marathon. 

When will My Life as Liz Season 2 premiere?

Now the show has taken it upon itself to add their voices to the cause.  They want My Life as Liz Season 2 and they want it bad!   Apparently the cast of the show have not even been privy to any possible airdates for the reality show which was filmed last fall and they are ready to get back on the air.  They have done their best to get fans excited and dug out all of the first season episodes.  It’s time for more Liz and the gang!  Let’s win one for the nerds!  All new episodes will start airing on February 8 at 11 PM / 10 PM CST.

Can’t wait for the new episodes?  We’ve got the video of the finale to help you relive all those moments from the first season of My Life as Liz….

Are you ready for more My Life as Liz?

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