Was Myleene Klass Really Reprimanded For Defending Her Baby?


classical brit awards 2 080408Myleene Klass recently used a knife to get intruders off her property and says she doesn’t regret doing it. She has a baby daughter to protect after all.

Knife violence in Britain is a real problem and Myleene says she was reprimanded for waving knife at two teen peeping toms. The police say they didn’t reprimand her, they just gave her a few facts.

When she was told, “that a private individual in the privacy of their own home runs the risk of committing a criminal offense if out of fear for their own safety and their loved ones, they grab something with which they could defend themselves if an intruder enters their home.” She said, “I totally respect British law but surely everyone has the right to self defense in their own home if they are in danger?”

All she knew is that her daughter was sleeping upstairs. She saw the teens peek in her windows and she did what she felt she needed to insure she was safe.

She said, “I think I did what any other mother would do… Any mother sitting here – and father for that matter – if you’ve got your baby girl sleeping upstairs, you will do anything (to protect a child) – and that counts wielding a knife at your patio doors. I don’t regret a thing; I would do it again tomorrow to protect my baby girl.”

I totally understand that mama bear instinct, but I also understand the craziness of the law. That said I probably would have done the same thing.

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