Mystery: Missing Mount Vernon Girl Found - But Where is Her Family? (UPDATE)

missing ohio family sarah maynard
Where is Sarah Maynard's Missing Family?

There was a bit of a happy ending to the tale of the missing Howard/ Mount Vernon, Ohio family. 13-Year Old Sarah Maynard was found alive. She was discovered bound and gagged but generally in good condition in the basement of Matthew J. Hoffman’s home. At the same time she was abducted her mother, brother and another woman were as well, but as of now, there is no sign of them…anywhere. So where could they be?

Right now thirty-year-old Matthew J. Hoffman is being grilled about the whereabouts of the other missing persons, Sarah’s mom, Tina Herrmann, Sarah’s 10-year-old brother, Kody, and Herrmann’s 41-year-old pal Stephanie Sprang. But there is much worry that there may be fatalities involved sincer that was alarge amount of blood found at the Hermann family home. But the investigators remain positive saying, “We have no one that we’re aware of who is deceased,” they said. “So we’re still treating this as a missing persons case.”

The police have been searching nearby Foundation Park, a formal gravel pit, which has three fishing lake and many trees, they are using helicopters and boats in their search. The police used sonar to search the lake. The park is just a couple blocks from Hoffman’s house and he reportedly takes walks there a lot.

But with Hoffman in custody and no sign of the other three, the fate of the other missing persons may not have the best outcome. But hopefully they’ll be found safe and sound somewhere. Our thoughts are with them and the searchers. Hopefully more good news will be coming soon.

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