Nadunisi Naaygal Review: Nadunisi Naaygal Released Today

nadunisi naaygal review
Nadunisi Naaygal Reviews Coming Out Now

Nadunisi Naaygal reviews are trickling in, as Nadunisi Naaygal was released today. The Nadunisi Naaygal movie is a psychological thriller about a man who aims to terrify women at night. Definitely not a film for the kiddos!

Nadunisi Naaygal stars Sameera Reddy, Veera Bahu and Deva.

The Nadunisi Naaygal review put out by India Summary says, “Nadunisi Naigal is technically superior when compared to movies in this genre currently being made in India. Gautham, who is always keen at bringing in new formats and techniques, has followed a very unique approach in ‘Nadunisi Naaigal’. The film will set a new trend in Tamil cinema.”

India Summary ultimately gave the film 2.5 out of 5 stars.

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