Nadya Suleman Gets Her Party On In New York


1-nadya-suleman-nyc-photosNadya Suleman and her kids got a well deserved break from each other. At least for the night that is.

Nadya was photographed going to and from her appearance on “The View” and then later the same night, out on the town.

She was spotted at the Greenhouse with A Ma-an. (way better if read like a cartoon character)

Surely someone was watching her kids at home. I doubt she brought them all to New York with her. I doubt she can afford to charter a whole plane for her and the family. Plus she wouldn’t take them and let them miss school. She’s far too selfish for that.


The only thing I know, is that this picture is scary. I don’t know what all is wrong with it, I just know it’s wrong.

Is it wrong of me to say I feel like I’m looking at the scene in Raiders of the Lost Ark? You know the one I’m taking about. The scene were they open the ark and the guy says “beautiful” and then the angel turns into an ugly, scary thing. Yeah, that scene.

Is that mean?


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