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Nagavalli movie review roundup: Does Venkatesh deliver?

Looking for a “Nagavalli” movie review roundup? Critics are buzzing about the new “Nagavalli “Telugu movie, which hits theaters today in India. Venkatesh’s new film centers on a Mysore family that is torn apart after one family member receives a painting The film is directed by P Vasu and also stars Anushka Shetty, Richa Gangopadhyay and Shraddha Das, and it’s the remake of “Aptha Rakshaka” as well as the sequel to Rajinikanth’s “Chandramukhi.”

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Telugu Film Reviews: “Nagavalli’s screenplay is the major plus point they say. Opening sequences and interval point are bang on target as per unofficial reports. The flashback part is said to be the highlight of the film. However, few doubts are being expressed over climax of the movie. All in all, Nagavalli is carrying positive reports from all the circuits.

The Bollywood Actress: As a super natural thriller, Nagavalli is successful in creating excitement and maintaining suspense with new twists and twirls but, looking as a sequel to Chandramukhi, Nagavalli fails to take us to the high expectations. Venkatesh competes with himself in the dual role, if he is quietly effective as the doctor, he pulls it off with an aura aura adding his distinct touch. In his role of a villainous king, one wonders if he’s the same person..tuning in authentic work. Director Vasu crafts the film well, paces it efficiently, getting exactly what he needed from each actor and crew. Finally..there is nothing to dislike in the film but there isn’t enough to love either.

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