Nahla Is A French Speaking Baby



Nahla, 18-months-old, daughter of Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry is a bilingual baby!  She is apparently a chatty little girl!

Gabriel recently took his baby girl to a beach cafe and according to sources the tot said, “Papa!  Regard!  Un chien!” (Which means, Papa!  Look!  A dog!).  Smart little girl!

A cashier at the establishment said, “The little girl was pointing at the colorful drinks in the cooler and speaking French, like ‘Papa!’ and ‘Regard!’  I’m not sure what else she said, my French is poor, but she was talking a lot.”

She added that Nahla spotted a dog: “She was saying something about that too, and pointing.  I asked her dad when he came back in to pay what she had said and he said, ‘Chien means dog in French.  She said dog.'”

The cashier said Gabriel is one proud daddy with his daughter’s ability to speak his native language.

That’s awesome!

More pics at the source below.