Nancy Grace Tears Jon Gosselin A New One (Video)


Jon GosselinFinally, a thoroughly satisfying interview with one of the Gosselins. I have no idea why Jon agreed to sit down with former prosecutor Nancy Grace and have a face-to-face conversation, but she gave him the thorough tongue lashing that I’ve been not-so secretly hoping he’d get for many months. By now, Jon’s hopes for that father of year award are surely crushed.

Honestly, the best part is the fact that Nancy tears Jon a new A-hole with his lawyer Mark Heller sitting right next to him (trying to help his client come up with excuses). Classic.

First, she slams the very suspicious timing at which Jon decided to shut down production on the show — supposedly because it was ruining his kids’ lives — just days after the name was changed from Jon & Kate Plus 8 to simply Kate Plus 8.

Then, Nancy calls BS on Jon when he pretends to want to go to mediation with Kate, moving away from his kids and his 22-year-old GF. I’m loving it.

BTW, when’s Kate going to go up against Nancy so we can watch Nancy pulverize her? The answer: never, because Kate’s people aren’t as stupid as Jon’s people.

Once again, why did Jon agree to do this interview? How could it possibly have gone well?  These are just a couple of key questions that Team Jon should have considered before doing… well, everything he’s done in the past 3 months. Enjoy.