Nancy Pelosi Election Results: Celebrities Who WILL Miss Nancy Pelosi


Nancy PelosiIt is true that if you throw a rock in Hollywood, you will hit a democrat. Los Angeles and the entertainment industry is notorious for being not just being filled with democrats but for having some notorious liberal leanings. While there are a few Hollywood celebrities who are on the red team (check out Mommylogists list right here), there are many who bleed blue who are surely very dissatisfied with the outcome of last night’s elections, especially with Nancy Pelosi losing her role as Speaker of the House. And Nancy, she has hobnobbed with some pretty big A-listers. See who she’s hung out with and who will no doubt very much miss having Pelosi in such a powerful Washington role.

Brad Pitt — The very politically active Brad Pitt even had a special meeting with Nancy Pelosi to discuss the Make It Right project.

Ben Aflleck – The actor was stopped by her office when he was in D.C. to research a role. Apparently the star made Nancy Pelosi “as giggly as a schoolgirl.”

Barbara Streisand Barbara has always been a big supporter of the democrats. She even opened up her house back in 2007 to Nancy Pelosi by hosting a dinner at her Malibu estate that raised 1.3 million for Pelosi then running campaign.

Bono of U2 He did a sweet favor for Nancy Pelosi at a U2 concert. Bono, as a favor to the Speaker of the House, gave a birthday shout out to her son-in-law Michael Vos.

George Clooney — He is very vocal in his political leanings, he was probably very upset with the outcome.

Other big active democrates in the entertainment industry? Bruce Springsteen, Dixie Chicks, Green Day, Jane Fonda, Michael J. Fox, Jackson Browne, Warren Beatty, Tim McGraw, Leonardo DiCaprio, Demi Moore among many, many, many others!