Nancy Pelosi Election Results: Is Big Republican Win A Referendum On Nancy Pelosi?

nancy pelosi election results
Nancy Pelosi: Election results a referendum on the Democratic leader?

Was yesterday’s huge Republican win a referendum on Democratic Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi? Election results would seem to indicate it was, as Republicans targeted the mom and grandmother in campaigns across the country in 2010, insisting that Congressional missteps have led to higher unemployment rates and the slower-than-we’d-like recovery of the economy.

Whether it’s fair or not, Republicans also painted Pelosi as power hungry; I saw more than one candidate or party rep claiming that Pelosi was bent on making herself queen.

Do you buy all these claims, or is it just election-time politicking? Are you glad Pelosi’s lost power, even though she won her own reelection? Do you think the Democrats deserved to lose control of the House? Leave your thoughts below.

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