Nancy Pelosi: The Biggest Loser of the Night & She Wasn't Even Running! Why?


Nancy PelosiThere were a whole lot of political careers on the line last night from senators to governors to school board members. It was an emotional, brutal and very expensive campaign season, California governor hopeful Meg Whitman spent $140 Million (and a lot of her own) that was an immense amount to spend on trying to get votes. But the biggest loser of the night? Nancy Pelosi. But the funny thing is, she wasn’t even running!

Due to the shift in the balance of power in the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi will be out as Speaker of the House. This was not a job she had to campaign at, buy ads for or do debates with other passion filled politicians. This was a job that was the result merely from the outcome of numbers. Due to the Republicans getting more of their members in the House the balance shifted from blue to red with 233 Republican seats to 174 for the Democrats.

Did you think this mid term election time was especially heated?

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