Nannies Testify in Anna Nicole Smith Case: Sometimes She'd Be Too Weak to Hold Her Baby


New developments are being uncovered in the death of Anna Nicole Smith and they are just as sad as you would expect. Dannielynn’s nannies have come forward in court to testify about the starlet and Trimspa spokeperson’s last days in a trial against Anna’ lawyer/boyfriend/Svengali Howard K. Stern, psychiatrist Khristine Eroshevich, and Dr. Sandeep Kapoor, all of whom are accused of feeding her the prescription drugs that killed her.

Quethlie Alexie stated that she heard Howard tell Anna Nicole, “Baby, come and we’ll take our medicine,'” before taking her into the bathroom. Anna Nicole stumbled out “acting drunk. She was unable to walk, falling, and was unable to handle her talking. She would laugh.” Inside, the bathroom there were bloody syringes and cotton balls lying around, as well as “ashes from fire” on the bathroom counter and matches or a lighter. Sometimes, she said she found a spoon with liquid and “cotton you would use for a shot.”

Quethlie also said that Anna, severely depressed over the death of her son Daniel, suffered from diarrhea and vomiting and would “sleep all day. In the middle of her speaking she would sleep.” At one point, Anna Nicole was taking 18 medications including multiple sedatives and opiates, making her too weak to hold her own baby.

And while every inch of this story is tragic, perhaps the most heart wrenching is that when the nanny saw Anna Nicole unmedicated, she seemed fine and would dance and read. At one point, Anna Nicole was so involved with creating a baby book for her daughter, she refused to take her medicine.

Nadine Alexie, Quethlie’s sister-in-law also worked for Anna Nicole and has also testified.


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