Nanny Writes Book Based On David Letterman's Son


david-letterman-and-son-harryDavid Letterman’s son Harry is the subject of a new children’s book called Harry and Horsie, written by the 5-year-old’s former nanny Katie Van Camp. The book started out as a homemade Christmas gift, which was so good that Letterman encouraged her to publish it.

The story revolves around an illustrated boy who bears the same name, if not a slight resemblance to Harry Letterman. In the book, Harry travels into space, armed with his Double Bubble Blooper, to rescue his stuffed horse “Horsie.” It’s only loosely based on real life events… loosely.

It’s for sale in bookstores now and on Amazon, if you’re interested.

Inside the book front pages, “Harry’s Dad” penned an introduction to the story: “Hello, kids, and get ready for an amazing bedtime adventure.”

Oh yeah, that’s the very same son Harry which Palin supporters called a “bastard,” lest we forget that wonderful piece of American history.