Naomi Campbell Engaged? Rumors Already Starting That She Might Be Pregnant, Too

Is Naomi ready for motherhood?

Could our favorite bad girl member of the supermodel club be carrying a little Vlad in her womb?  There are speculations that Blackberry user Naomi Campbell could be both pregnant and engaged to her longtime beau, Russian businessman Vladimir Doronin.

A Naomi and Vlad baby could only mean one thing: Suri Cruise better be ready to dedicate a whole chapter in her burn book, as this little tyke will most likely be sporting Swavorski crystals, diamonds (not the blood type), and designer names on their onesies, baby bottles, and pacifiers.

The speculation comes after reports that Vlad had proposed to the leggy British supermodel after years together.  Sources say the couple celebrated their engagement with a firework show in Greece that cost a whopping $80,000.

The only problem with the engagement though, is that Vlad is still married to his wife of 23 years, Ekaterina Doronin.

Russian tabloids say that the billionaire businessman isn’t ready to walk down the isle yet again or sign those divorce papers, so could the couple have celebrated a possible pregnancy instead?

For the answer, we’ll be paying particular attention to Naomi’s bump in the coming weeks.  Stay tuned!



Photo: PCN