Naomi Watts Boys Are Treated Like Princes! (Photos)

Naomi Watts

Naomi Watts is on mommy duties now that she is back in sunny southern California.  Actually we saw Naomi out with the boys quite a bit while living in New York, but in Los Angeles we see less bikes and more cars!

Today Naomi was out shopping and taking her little princes Alexander and Samuel out for ice cream at the Brentwood Country Mart.

They sure are fun to spot, the boys seem to notice the photographers a little more while in Los Angeles!

Check out the photos!

  • The Sun! 1 of 12
    The Sun!
    The sun in Cali can be strong!
  • Fun! 2 of 12
    Such a fun mommy day out with the boys!
  • Stuff! 3 of 12
    We got lots of stuff!
  • Cheese! 4 of 12
    Alexander is smiling for the cameras!
  • Naomi! 5 of 12
    We are off to shop!
  • Keep Walking! 6 of 12
    Keep Walking!
    Mom is trying hard to keep the boys focused!
  • Sandals! 7 of 12
    Sandals for the winter?
  • We Did It! 8 of 12
    We Did It!
    They are back at the car and ready to go!
  • Who? 9 of 12
    Why do you keep taking photos of me??
  • Umm…. 10 of 12
    Stop taking a photo?
  • Really! 11 of 12
    I will get my daddy if you won't stop!
  • The Prince! 12 of 12
    The Prince!
    Samuel is quite intrigued by the photographer!

(Photo Source : Pacific Coast )
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