Naomi Watts Talks Raising Boys


Naomi Watts and Liev Schrieber may be hoping to have a girl someday. But that doesn’t mean Watts isn’t loving being a mom to two little boys.

“I grew up a tomboy,” Watts dished to OK, “so I never had dolls or girly things. Despite the fact that they’re the opposite sex, I feel that I can relate.”

Aww…that’s sweet. And I totally get what she means here. I grew up a tomboy too, so all the bouncing off the walls and smashing things to bits that my son loves to do are totally in my wheelhouse. And now I am watching my daughter do all the same things.

So what does she like to do with her boys?

“Its been a lot of the zoo recently, explains Watts, who has been living in New York the last few months. “It’s been a  lot of swimming and the zoo.”

It sounds like Watts is having a blast. But there is one thing she isn’t getting to do: put them in dresses. Still, it sounds like she has made her peace with that.

“The only thing I miss about not having girls is the pretty dresses, but I can do that with my niece.”


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