Nas Was Too Drunk To Enter Hospital



Following his Tuesday night concert’s champagne-soaked after-party, Nas tried to drop in at the hospital where his baby mama Kelis was in labor, but he got denied. Allegedly, Nas got turned away because he was lost in the sauce.

Fortunately for him (and unfortunately for Kelis), mother nature waited for Nas to sober up before his new baby boy Knight popped out at around 9PM last night. Kelis was in labor for almost 3 days!

Nas was present, but apparently he chose the experience the miracle of child birth from the hospital’s waiting room.

Speaking of the hospital, nobody has stepped up to pay Kelis’ hospital bill yet, reportedly. Considering the discord between the two of these new parents (Kelis wants Nas to pay spousal support), we could have an old-fashion standoff on our hands.

Check out a video Nas announcing the birth at da cluhhb.