NASA Astronaut Welcomes Daughter From Space


randy-bresnikWhile Randy Bresnik was preparing for a spacewalk as a crew member of the Atlantis space shuttle, his wife was on Earth giving birth to his little girl.

At 6:14 am on Sunday, Bresnik placed an unusual call to Mission Control.

“Just wanted to take this opportunity to report some good news,” Bresnik said.  “At 11:04 last night, Abigail Mae Bresnik joined the NASA family, and mama and baby are doing very well.”

Bresnik and his wife knew going into this mission that he’d probably be missing the birth of his daughter.  In a preflight interview, Bresnik said that while he would prefer to be there to see his new baby come into the world, “fortunately, through the wonders of modern technical advancements and our amazing communication systems on the ISS and space shuttle, hopefully I’ll be able to hear and see the pictures and be able to talk with her maybe on the IP phone and see some video shortly thereafter and be home only a few days afterwards.”

Bresnik’s wife Rebecca, a NASA attorney, shared his mixed feelings.  “I’m a little disappointed that he won’t be able to be there, but understanding that we don’t choose the timing, and [I’m] excited for him that he’s doing what he’s doing.”

According to NASA, the shuttle crew was awakened Sunday morning to Bob Carlisle’s “Butterfly Kisses” in honor of the newest Bresnik’s arrival.


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