NASA's New Spacesuit or Buzz Lightyear Costume?


Does NASA‘s new state-of-the-art space suit totally looks like it’s pulling a Buzz Lightyear or what?!?

Although I would simply call this the “Buzz” suit, its real name is the “z-1 Prototype Spacesuit and Portable Life Support System.” This new and improved suit not only will provide a safer barrier, easier entry and other bells and whistles for NASA’s astronauts, it also seems (at least to us) to pay homage to one of the most famous space explorers known to man Pixar‘s animated toy superhero Buzz Lightyear from the classic Toy Story. Why else would they include bright green detailing ala Buzz.

This is the first suit in about twenty years for the agency, the last one was created in 1992 and the update was needed for such missions as one to faraway places such as Mars. There is no word on when (or if) the new suit will be used, but let’s hope the first astronaut who dons it actually utters, “to infinity and beyond.” It would be corny but so, so cool.

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