Natalee Holloway: Has the Missing Teen Finally Been Found?


Natalee Holloway The parents of missing American teen Natalee Holloway may finally have some peace.  A bone found on a beach in Aruba is being analyzed to determine whether it came from the teen who has been missing since 2005.  The bone is reportedly believed to be part of a human jawbone and was found near Aruba’s Phoenix hotel. 

If true, Natalee’s mom Beth and father Dave could finally find some answers in the case of their long missing daughter.

“We are investigating some bone material sent from Aruba from the prosecutor’s office,” a spokesperson for the NFI forensic institute in The Hague, Netherlands, tells CNN. “We are trying to identify whether these bones are human. Once we establish if the bones are human we will try to get a DNA profile. All the findings will be sent back to the prosecutor’s office, who will decide whether they are released.”

The prime suspect in the disappearance, Joran van der Sloot, is currently in jail in Peru.  He has been charged with murdering another young woman in the country earlier this year.

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