Natalie Kenly: Charlie Sheen's Downgrade From Brooke Mueller? (Photos)

natalie kenly
Natalie Kenly: Charlie Sheen Downgrades From Brooke Mueller

Who is Natalie Kenly? Her name is popping up all over the Internet today, because Natalie Kenly is Charlie Sheen’s new girlfriend. She’s basically a major downgrade from Charlie Sheen’s ex-wife Brooke Mueller. You can see Charlie Sheen kissing Natalie Kenly in these photos.

Honestly, Natalie Kenly sounds like an ideal match for Charlie Sheen. Before she turned 21, Natalie was arrested for underage drinking…proving that she likes to party just as much as Sheen does.

Natalie Kenly is 24-years old, and she is now a graphic designer. She’s a former cheerleader, and hails from Sherman Oaks, California. Kenly clearly digs the bad boys, and she may have found her prince charming in Charlie Sheen, the ultimate holder of that title.

Photo: PRPhotos