Natalie Kenly: Charlie Sheen's Newest Girlfriend


Really Charlie? You don’t have enough drama going on right now so you thought a new girlfriend to throw into the mix would be a good idea? Charlie Sheen is seeing a new woman – 24-year-old Natalie Kenly according to Radar Online.

Kenly currently works as a graphic designer. She also likes to party as does her new beau, and was arrested for underage drinking in 2006.
Sheen and Kenly were seen smooching on Tuesday – and when reporters asked who she was, he responded with “None of your f**king business.”

Another very interesting Kenly fact? On February’s cover of “Cali Chronic X Magazine” and was even crowned, “Chronic Girl 2010.” The magazine is written for people who enjoy smoking marijuana. If you want to see the cover photo, you can here.

Good choice, Charlie – a marijuana bikini model – just what you need right now!


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