Natalie Mendoza Quitting Spiderman?


Natalie Mendoza is one of the the leading actresses in Broadway’s “Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark.” Or, at least, she is for right now.

Her spokesman is currently declining to comment on her departure, but two people who work on the show have said that she is leaving, though they remain anonymous, since the producers are forbidding anyone to talk about it. Guess the lawyers are busy figuring it all out.

No real surprise after she suffered a concussion during the first preview performance of the musical last month. She was hit in the hit by a rope while standing off-stage.  Add to that an accident during a performance where one of the performers sustained broken ribs and internal bleeding after a fall. Two other actors have been injured as well.

Yikes, I think I’d want out, too!

Do you think that Natalie Mendoza is quitting because of all the injuries or is there another reason behind her departure?


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