Natalie Portman Left Embarrassed Over Her Son's Temper Tantrum At Vegan Cafe

Natalie Portman

Oh, Natalie Portman. We have all been there. And I mean ALL OF US.

The Hollywood actress and celebrity mom was recently left embarrassed after her almost one-year-old son Aleph threw a temper tantrum in epic proportions at a vegan cafe in Los Angeles. In fact, Natalie was so upset over the fact that she couldn’t control her son in public that she paid for the other patron’s meals. Here’s what a source tells the National Enquirer:

“Her fellow diners were grateful, but protested saying kids cry sometimes and Aleph wasn’t that bothersome. But Natalie, apologizing profusely, insisted on paying their tab of nearly $150, then left them to veg in peace.”

To be honest, while that was a really nice gesture of Natalie Portman to do, does that mean the rest of us have to start offering to pay for childless couple’s meals after our kids throw shit fits at the Cheesecake Factory? If yes, then I’ll be broke in no time.