Natalie Portman Walks Around NYC With Her Bulging Belly


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Natalie Portman Is Still Very Pregnant.

Natalie Portman has not given birth yet. I know, it seems like forever that this girl has been pregnant, but alas she is still heavily with child.

Portman was spotted walking her dog in NYC today, April 8. Her next film venture Your Highness comes out this weekend.

Regarding Portman’s latest Black Swan dance double controversy, I know what went on,” Natalie tells E! News. “We had an amazing experience making the movie and I don’t want to tarnish it by entering into the nastiness, because it’s such a positive thing what we get to do. We get to create things. I feel so lucky to be part of that, and um, I’m so proud of everyone’s work on that movie and my experience. I’ll have that forever. And it’s important for me to remember that no matter what nastiness is going around.”

Very classy if you ask us. When do you think Portman will give birth? Any guesses?