Natalie Portman Wants Babies


natalie-portman-babiesNatalie Portman is all grown up or at least she thinks so. She’s so grown up now she’s hearing the ticking of her biological clock.

She’s 28 now and said: “I feel like I’m coming into my womanhood, and I’m less afraid or maybe I’m just getting old. I think about having kids, but I think you can’t plan for that sort of thing. It’s not like you can work at it.”

She said she loved playing the part of tough mom Grace Cahill in Brothers. She didn’t have a hard time falling into the mom role because of her mom.

“It was not that challenging to be mother-ish because I have the most maternal mom in the world. So I’ve had a role model for my entire life.”

Should we be on the lookout for a baby bump then? We’ll let you know when we see one.