National Hug Day: Celebs We'd Love To Hug On Weltknuddeltag 2011

national hug day zac efron
Celebs We'd Love To Hug on National Hug Day

Today is National Hug Day, also known as Weltknuddeltag 2011. You can find out more information about National Hug Day on the official website, but basically, today is the day to give out random hugs without people thinking you’re weird.

To get into the spirit of National Hug Day, we thought it would be fun to list a few celebs that we’d love to hug…for various reasons, of course.

Zac Efron – I’ll admit, this one is a little selfish on my part. If given the chance, I’d hug Zac Efron all day long. I definitely wouldn’t need an occasion like National Hug Day to wrap my arms around him.

Kendra Wilkinson – Kendra deserves a huge hug for being open and honest about motherhood. She doesn’t sugar coat the challenges of being a new parent like most celebrities do, and that in itself deserves a hug.

Miley Cyrus – Who else thinks that Miley Cyrus needs a hug? Maybe a hug would finally tame her?

Robert Pattinson – Does this one really need any further explanation? Who doesn’t want to hug Robert Pattinson?

Taylor Swift – That poor girl has had enough heartbreaks this year. I sure hope that some hunky guy gives her a huge embrace on National Hug Day!

Photo: PRPhotos