National Margarita Day 2011: Reasons to Celebrate


National Margarita Day Today is National Margarita Day 2011. Whether you like your margarita frozen or on the rocks, flavored or traditional, we’ll come up with reasons for you to celebrate National Margarita Day.

Not that we really need much more reason to celebrate, since National Margarita Day 2011 gives us an excuse. But, here are some things to toast:

*Let’s raise a glass and toast the loss of Justin Bieber’s hair.

*Another season of The Bachelor is almost over.

*Oprah’s last season! She had sextuplets on her show yesterday. That mama could probably use a margarita.

*March Madness is coming!

*Cheers to you if your life has never been made into a Lifetime Movie.

Hey, since it’s National Margarita Day 2011, we don’t need much of an excuse to have a margarita, do we?