Naveen Andrews & Barbara Hershey Split


Lost star Naveen Andrews and Barbara Hershey have called it quits.

The age gap is being blamed. Naveen is 41 years old and Hershey is 62, a 21 year deficit.

During an off period in 2005, Naveen fathered a child, Naveen Joshua, with another woman, Elena Eustache. After a long legal battle he was granted temporary sole legal and physical custody of the child in 2009.

Naveen also has another son, Jaisal, born in 1992 with Geraldine Feakins, his math teacher from high school with whom he had an affair. Jaisal lives with his mother, but sees Naveen on holidays.

After being together for so long, Barbara is no doubt close to the kids. From the looks of things, the former pair are keeping it civil and tell People, “They remain best friends,” so hopefully they will be able to handle things with the kids in the best manner possible.


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