NBC's Natalie Morales: My Worst Public Tantrum Ever


As an anchor on NBC’s Today show, Natalie Morales gets to cover thrilling events like the Olympics and Presidential campaigns. But behind the scenes, Morales — who has been voted a “Groundbreaking Latina in Media” — is simply mom to Josh, 6, and Luke, 19 months, her sons with husband Joe Rhodes. So what problems do national broadcasters have to deal with? Some common ones, it seems! Babble caught up with her to chat.Like most moms, Morales’s biggest parenting challenge seems to be getting her kids to bed on time. She shares the same 9PM bedtime as her older son (guess that’s what happens when you’re on TV at 8AM), and frequently fights to get them tucked in on time. “[Last night] was battle Royale to get them to go to bed!” she tells us. And while she said nothing truly shocked her about being a parent, she’s hounded by “the constant worry and fear” that comes with being a mom.

“[It’s] the not knowing as a parent that they’re going to be okay,” she says. I think when you’re not around them there’s always that part of you that’s like ‘What if, what’s happening right now?’ And I think it’s one of those things that humbles you as a person and as a parent.”

When it comes to discipline, Morales admits she’s the tough one. “[My husband] is the fun daddy, and I’m the stick-to-the-rules mommy. You know, ‘Bedtime now.’ And my husband is the, ‘Come on! Let’s play another round of baseball!’ Nooo!”

But that tough exterior can come in handy, especially when dealing with a public tantrum. “It was Christmastime at Target a few years ago,” she shares. “I was with my oldest, and it was an all-out stomach on the ground, fists, whole body on the ground. [He] would not move from the toy aisle, and I actually picked him up, left the cart where it was and left the store.”

“God forbid [people] are thinking, ‘Who’s that parent? Oh! That’s the woman from the Today show!’ Complete mortification,” she adds, laughing.

Sounds like she really knows how to handle herself!

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