NCIS: Los Padres - The Bonding of LL Cool J and Chris O'Donnell


chris-odonnell-ll-cool-j-ncis-los-angelesLL Cool J and Chris O’Donnell – or Rapman and Robin as I JUST COINED THEM are really clicking for CBS and the new hit show NCIS: Los Angeles (Tuesdays).

Apparently the duo were each a little unsure of the other prior to their initial meeting.  In an interview with Parade Magazine the  guys discussed their relationship.  Said LL Cool J, or Todd as he is known by his friends, “What’s Chris gonna think of my rap background? Is he gonna be square? Is he gonna get me?’

He got him.

The two actors immediately found common ground in an arena more personal than the day job: fatherhood.

Continued Cool J: “Then I discovered he has five kids, and I have four. Here’s the strangest part. I found out that our two fourth-graders, our 9-year-olds, are at opposing schools, and their basketball teams compete.”

LL Cool J and his wife Simone are parents to Najee (20), Italia (19), Samaria (14) and Nina (9) – which by the way gives them a mother-daughter combo of Nina Simone, and that is just fantastic.

Chris and his wife Caroline are parents to Lily Anne (10), Christopher (9), Charles (6), Finley (3) and Maeve (2).

That’s a lot of kids to feed, glad the show is doing so well!

Here’s a bit of what they do:

And for no reason other than LL Cool J’s family inspired me, here is some Nina Simone:

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