Neil Patrick Harris Jokes About How He Gets the Twins to Sleep All Night (Video)

Neil Patrick Harris twins The Daily Show
Neil Patrick Harris shares parenting tips on The Daily Show

Neil Patrick Harris sits down with Jon Stewart in this Daily Show video clip to discuss his new movie, The Smurfs.

As dad to nine-month-old twins Gideon and Harper, Neil Patrick Harris has some sound parenting advice for getting the kids to sleep through the night.

Watch from around 5:55 in the video to get Neil’s nuggets of wisdom.

Jon asks about the twins and Neil says “Kids are good… they’re starting to crawl… and sleeping through the night. They sleep 13 hours a night.”

The crowd is impressed, but Harris shares his tip: “Here’s the trick… a staple gun.”

Neil advises, “They realize that they’re pinned at the ears, at the fingers, and at the toes… and they sleep.”

Stewart thanked him for his parenting advice with a giggle.

What an image, stapling your kids when you put them down to sleep!

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