Neil Patrick Harris Kept Pregnancy A Secret On Set Of 'Smurfs'

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Neil Patrick Harris kept his twins a secret on the set of 'The Smurfs.'

While The Smurfs may be an absolute dud at the box office, at least father of two, Neil Patrick Harris, can walk away with a lesson learned. The doting dad of twins, Gideon and Harper, learned how to keep a really big secret while on set of the new film – the pregnancy of his twins.

Neil says, “When we were filming the movie, [David and I] were about five or six months pregnant and we weren’t telling anybody. When the script came my way, we had just started that process, so it felt like good timing. It was certainly easy to film things like looking at an ultrasound photo and feeling what emotion that brings. It was a nice little secret moment.”

And he manages to find sleep whenever he can. “I sleep a fair amount. The babies sleep 12 hours a night, from like seven to seven. I don’t know how it happened. Well I do know — we had a sleep specialist for like four months and she’s unbelievable. So I get a decent amount of sleep!”

How long did you keep your pregnancy a secret for?

[Photo via Pacific Coast News.]