Neil Patrick Harris Twin Photos, The View and David Letterman: Gideon and Harper in Costumes!

Neil Patrick Harris twins the view gideon harper
Neil Patrick Harris' twins, Gideon and Harper!

With the Neil Patrick Harris twin photos that have already been circulating, we know that Gideon and Harper are adorable.

Get ready for maximum cute overload, as Neil Patrick Harris shared photos of twins Gideon and Harper while on The View and David Letterman.

They are beyond precious, especially the pics of the twins in costumes – seems Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka like to dress Gideon and Harper for a holiday each month.

NPH shares photos of the twins in St. Patrick’s Day outfits, dressed in Easter bunny ears, and sporting fake facial hair for Cinco de Mayo! Check the adorable tykes out in the Letterman video below!

Harper and Gideon are now eight months old, and on Letterman, he explains why he chose their names. Seems Harris didn’t want any spelling confusions!

On The View, Neil Patrick Harris shares how the twins have had playdates with Elton John’s son, Zachary, and how the twins are doing in New York City: “They’re enjoying New York; they’re able to wander more here than in LA. This is more of a walking town, so we’ve strapped on the Baby Björns plenty of times, and they like to see all that there is to see here.”

How sweet are NPH and David Burtka’s babies?–6_HPG6yg