Nelly Furtado Took Advice From Her 5-Year-Old



Canadian singer Nelly Furtado, 30, took her five-year-old daughter into consideration when writing her new album Mi Plan.  Actually, she rewrote it to please her little girl!

Nelly’s daughter -with her ex Jasper Gahunia – Nevis, told her that she had too many slow songs on the album.  “I had English writer’s block so I decided to make an album in Spanish.  I played it to my daughter and she said to me, ‘Mummy there are too many slow songs.  You need more fast songs.’

“So mummy went back to the studio and put a couple more fast songs on the album,” admitted Nelly.

“She’s like a little A and R person and is pretty musical for her age.”

Aw, that’s too cute!

Nelly is married to Demacio “Demo” Castellón.