NeNe Leakes Is Not a Coward: Celebrity Apprentice Star


NeNe LeakesOn last night’s Celebrity Apprentice, Dionne Warwick called NeNe Leakes a coward. But, it was Dionne Warwick who was sent home.

NeNe Leakes actually did a pretty amazing job as project manager for last night’s Celebrity Apprentice ACN task, despite the fact that the women’s team lost.

I really thought that NeNe Leakes was going to lead her team to victory, since ACN had wanted emotion in the video that was created. But, the men’s team using the word “viral” in their presentation was probably the tipping point.

Dionne Warwick called NeNe Leakes a coward for not being a better leader and for not speaking up when Dionne wanted to go to bed instead of staying up with the team. But, really, what would have been the point in NeNe Leakes arguing with her? Dionne probably wouldn’t have listened anyway or would have stayed and complained, bringing the team down.

I think NeNe Leakes did want it took to keep the harmony in her team. What do you think?

Photo: PRPhotos