Net Flix Showtime Deal Changes, Chris Brown Makes Up with GMA


netflixThe Netflix deal with Showtime Networks has changed. Last week the premium cable channel announced an agreement with Netflix but yesterday Showtime changed the ground rules. Another big story Tuesday was Chris Brown’s meltdown on the Good Morning America set.  Brown has already made up with GMA.

The Los Angeles Times reports on Showtime’s announcement Tuesday.  According to the LA Times, “Showtime’s newly negotiated deal with Netflix, which takes effect this summer, no longer includes online streaming rights to its currently airing first-run series, such as Dexter and Californication.”

After an interview yesterday, Chris Brown flipped out at the Good Morning America studios. Brown waited until the interview was over before flying into a rage on the set of the morning show. The rapper smashed a window, ripped his shirt off and stormed off the set. Very mature.

After the drama on Tuesday, Chris Brown took to Twitter to vent his “frustration” about the GMA interview.  Read some of Chris Brown’s tweets.

Go here to watch the video of Chris Brown on GMA.

Chris Brown and ABC have already made nice after the rapper’s rage on Tuesday.  Despite his behavior, ABC is allowing Brown’s gig on Dancing with the Stars to stand.  There was speculation that the network would cancel Chris Brown after his outburst.