Neve Campbell Plans to Adopt, Says She "Feels Strongly About Adoption"

neve campbell adoption rumors
Neve Campbell plans to adopt

Besides promoting her new movie, Scream 4, Neve Campbell is setting her sights on motherhood in the near future.

Neve Campbell recently chatted with ET Canada about her plans to adopt a child: “Since I was a kid I have felt really strongly about adoption. My brother Christian and I have both felt really strongly about it. I just think there are a lot of kids out there in this world who need a home.”

If you’re wondering “How old is Neve Campbell?” – believe it or not, Neve is 37 now. I still think of her from Party of Five, I guess.

In addition to acting, Campbell has done volunteer work with South African orphans, so she’s seen first hand those children in need of a home.

Neve told Health magazine in a recent interview,”I will (adopt) at some point. I’ve always wanted to do that.”

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