New Couple Alert: Meg Ryan and Tim Robbins?


tim-robbins-susan-sarandon-meg-ryanAccording to tabloid reports, newly-single Tim Robbins and actress Meg Ryan are a couple. Unfortunately it sounds like the affair started while Robbins was still with Susan Sarandon, with whom he recently split after 23 years together.

Star magazine is is reporting that Robbins has been hooking up with Ryan for years and that their affair contributed to his breakup with Sarandon. “Tim is thrilled that he doesn’t have to sneak around anymore,” says a source. “He’s making it more serious with Meg. He’s even been staying at her L.A. home, on occasion, for months now.”

Robbins and Ryan met while filming the 1994 movie I.Q., and Ryan has a pattern of falling for her co-stars; Dennis Quaid in the early 90s, and then with Russell Crowe in 2000 while the two were filming Proof of Life. Ryan’s affair with Crowe is suspected of breaking up her marriage with Quaid.

So what do you think — are father-of-two Robbins and Ryan, who has two kids, looking to couple-up and bring their broods together into one happy family? Whatever the case, don’t shed any tears for Robbins’ ex Sarandon — she’s moved on to a much younger man, club owner Jonathan Bricklin, 31.