New Couple Alert: Michelle Williams & Ryan Gosling?


It’s very rare that I hear about a new celebrity couple and actually feel happy for them. Such is the case though with Michelle Williams and Ryan Gosling.

The pair were rumored to be together when they filmed Blue Valentine. Since filming wrapped, there has been little news on their status as a couple. It seems though, the sparks are still there.

Ryan went to Toronto, where Michelle is currently filming a movie, so that they could do a photo shoot for W Magazine.

A witness says that Ryan “was obviously thrilled to spend time with her.” After shooting for a whopping nine hours, Michelle went home, put her daughter Matilda to bed and met Ryan out for a romantic dinner. “They couldn’t seem to get enough of each other.”

Since the passing of Michelle’s husband Heath Ledger, her only relationship has been with Spike Jonze. I for one, am really pulling for her and Ryan as a couple. Ryan seems down-to-earth, stays out of Hollywood trouble, is not a known womanizer, and seems like he would be a nice stable guy for Matilda.