New CW Show: It's You Versus The Celeb You Hate. Who Would You Choose?

kristen stewart h8r new cw show
New CW show: You can tell K. Stew you hate her

Finally, a chance for the women of the world to tell John Mayer exactly what they think of his dating habits! A new show being shopped to the CW called “H8R” would unite regular Joes and Joe Pescis, just to give an example, and give the star a chance to try to change the person’s  opinion of them.

I’m a little lost on why it would matter to John Mayer (or any other celebrity) why I think he’s a pig, but I guess they get a bit of exposure and seem like they’re reaching out to fans. Now I doubt any big stars would agree to go on this show, but we can dream, right? Who would you want to face off with?

The “Famous for Being Famous” Kardashian sisters?

The ubiquitous Ryan Seacrest?

The oh-so-awkward Kristen Stewart?

Add your answers below.


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