New Hilary Duff Pregnancy Tweets - "#cmooooon BABY!"



Hilary Duff's other "babies"!

Nope, Hilary Duff hasn’t had her baby yet – but if today’s tweets are any indication, she is soooooo ready!

“OK! no joke…when i get up my massively pregnant morning walk looks like a “walker” from “the walking dead” #cmooooon BABY,” she tweeted just minutes ago!

Now that she’s in the home stretch, Hilary can’t do much more than sit, wait and hang at the computer. Her pregnancy tweets have kept us entertained for weeks – not to mention the hilarious videos she’s made for Funny or Die about her excessive hair growth and naming her baby Dorito.

Today, she shared this picture of her dogs, all chilling out on the stairs.

“Funny pups,” she tweeted. “Yes I know Lola’s has a very.. Um.. unique hair cut! Still trying to grow back from her surgery!”

Today, she also showed off a new present she just received,  a baby bouncer courtesy of a baby-gear company.

“Aw another gift for the baby! What a spoiled little guy! Looks so comfy, I want one for me! Thank you @stokkebaby,” she gushed.

Can’t wait to hear the news about your new little son, Hilary! Just promise that you’ll try to find a few minutes in between diaper changes to keep tweeting, okay?

[Photo: via Twitter]

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