New Jersey Housewife Danielle Staub Looks To Launch Jewelry Line

danielle staub
Danielle Staub looks to launch new line

Everything that Real Housewife Danielle Staub touches doesn’t ever turn to gold, e.g., her singing career, so we’re not exactly sure why she’s choosing to create a new jewelry line, of all things. Staub, who already has her own T-shirt collection, is reportedly in process of designing a cross-inspired jewelry line that she is looking to launch by the fast-approaching holiday season. Oh the anticipation….

In an interview with Too Fab, Staub states, “I want the crosses to be an insignia of just being close whether it’s a religious thing, or a relationship thing. It’s a nod to my song [with singer Lori Michaels, “Real Close”]. I already have the design of the cross. The cross to me is not gothic, but very sweet, big, bold and beautiful.”

In addition to the jewlery line, which is looking to include everything from necklaces to cuffs, Staub is also looking to create her own full line of clothing. As for the style of the collection, Staub describes it as “stuff you can wear that’s glamorous, where you can go to the Russian Team Room or the Plaza, but also casual, where it’s something you can wear while hanging out with your kids.”

Hm. I wonder if she’s going to add “singing completely out of tune” and “dodging flying tables”  to the list of things that you can do while wearing her clothes. Would you buy Danielle’s jewelry or clothing?