New Jessica Simpson Bump Photos: Pregnant, Right?

jessica simpson pregnant bump watch baby bump
Is Jessica Simpson pregnant?

Jessica Simpson bump watch continues with new photos, despite the fact that she hasn’t confirmed that she’s pregnant yet.

Is Jessica waiting until the baby is born to tell the world she was pregnant?

Speculation surrounding a Jessica Simpson pregnancy has been growing as fast as her belly, with every new photo seeming to all but confirm the news before Simpson ever says a peep.

Why wait to tell the world you’re pregnant, when everyone wants to know, Jessica?

(Although, I’m pretty sure at this point we know that bump is more than just a big lunch!)

There is the the buzz that Simpson is waiting for a payday to break the baby news, hoping to get $500,000 for the exclusive.

Based on the latest Jessica Simpson baby bump photos however, where Jess wears a tight black shirt that clearly shows her pregnant belly, it’s seeming less and less likely that anyone should even pay her to confirm!